Palm2CSV User Testimonials

These comments are from real Palm2CSV users. Some of them have been edited for clarity or brevity.

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Thanks for Palm2CSV. I've been viewing the raw datebook.dat file with binary gibberish, but finally have now imported entries into Google Calendar.

Frank, 3/13/2024

For the Palm-V file conversion tool - a huge THANK YOU.

Austin from Ireland, 1/23/2024

Thank you for this conversion program. I successfully exported my Palm IIIe (datebook.dba) calendar to the Thunderbird (.ics) calendar. My Palm IIIe has been in continuous use since 2001 and still works. The conversion allows me to get the data into a more current (.ics) form in case the Palm IIIe finally fails.

Mel, 7/28/2022

I just successfully used your software to transfer my entire Palm calendar to iCal on my new computer! I had almost 20 years of important information (and memories) in my Palm Desktop calendar and your software transfered it perfectly to iCal - amazing considering how much of a problem this is to so many people, with no real solution until I stumbled onto your website. I was running Palm Desktop v4.2, used your website to convert the dba file to ics for iCal on my Macbook Pro running Mac OS Monterey v 12.1. Because of you, I do not need to run a shell version of Windows and Palm anymore!

Matt, 4/2/2022

Your conversion tool worked great for me, and it was able to convert a large amount of data (nearly 22 years worth) very quickly. And I was able to import the .ics file to Outlook with minimal issues. Your tool made a very complex conversion quite easy. Thank you for that.

Amit, 3/7/2022

Thanks for your help. It worked!

Carl, 1/23/2022

My husband lost his calendar on his work computer because of an update. He's been holding on to the palm pda for years but it has been an issue to get the program on newer computers. I was able to retrieve it from an old backup and convert it to a Google Calendar. It was easy to navigate once I watched the YouTube instructions. He is so glad to have years of information back on a working system!

Therese, 8/5/2021

Thank you very much! Palm2CSV was just the tool I was looking for. Very easy to use!

John, 6/4/2021

I have several years of Palm calendar events that I wanted to convert to Google calendar. I have tried other methods without success in the past. Just the other day I searched once again for a solution and that’s when I found Palm2CSV. It was painless and worked perfectly!

Taylor, 3/11/2021

Thank you so much for this converter! I used Palm Desktop for many years but I was unable to transfer my appointments over to the newer online calendars that use iCal or ICS. Now I have all of my appointments in one place! I am so grateful!

Richard, 1/17/2021

I just now converted my Palm datebook. Thank you so much for this program. It worked. I have it in Word and Excel formats.

William, 7/28/2020

I am very very happy to have found your software. The conversion to smartphone took me almost 3 hours. But all dates until 22.11.2000 were back in the new calendar! Wonderful!

Gerd, 1/5/2020

I am very very happy to have found your software. The conversion to smartphone took me almost 3 hours. But all dates until 22.11.2000 were back in the new calendar! Wonderful!

Gerd, 1/5/2020

Thank you so much for this wonderful service. I have just managed to resurrect my old lifedrive from dying 8 years ago and got the calendar backed up thanks to your website.

Maeve, 11/26/2019

Thanks for this great utility! I'll only ever use it once, but it was essential to move off my old Palm Desktop software.

Scott, 10/6/2019

Thank you very much for your great Palm calendar export tool! It saved our precious Sunday family moment and avoid me a huge headache with small red eyes in front of my screen looking around for some useful infos.

Agnès, 9/22/2019

Small donation on the way. Like most Palm users, it broke my heart to have to finally give up my PDA. I've been using Palm since my first Zire, to my last TX. I even tried the Palm Pre, which was pretty much incompatible with everything and sucked rocks. Thanks to your program, I'm able to save date going back almost twenty years.

Carolyn, 8/29/2019

Thanks for offering this awesome service. I never imagined it would be possible, let alone so simple to import my Palm data into Google!

Marty, 6/26/2019

Thank you for creating the tools and guidance for moving my Palm calendar to Google calendar. My Palm Tungsten died, leaving me with only my Palm Desktop calendar. I knew that would be gone with my next new computer. I also really needed to get back to the convenience of having a mobile calendar and did not want to rekey all those entries or to lose my history. Thank you very much for making it happen.

Margaret, 5/17/2019

Your instructions including your video were most helpful. The service you provide is of substantial benefit to individuals who have used the Palm calendar all these years and must now switch over. I appreciate your application and the way you have set up your Palm2CSV site.

David, 2/28/2019

Thank you for your easy to use converter! I've used it 3 times as I keep reverting back to the Palm Desktop from Google calendar

Doug, 10/12/2018

Thank you thank you thank you for recovering my history of 5 years buried in an old Treo

Zvika, 9/8/2018

Thanks for Palm2CSV, worked great for my calendar!

Norman, 6/2/2018

I cannot thank you enough. I have kept this old computer way beyond its prime and the only reason I didn't get rid of it years ago is that I can't live without my calendar. So I got a laptop in July and have spent months trying to salvage the info on my old Palm Desktop...tried other programs, and they didn't work. Today I tried yours again and miraculously everything transferred. Thank you for so generously sharing your expertise and very hard work so that others like me can move on to our new computers and calendars. Thank you again!

Karen, 1/14/2018

Very useful tool - saved me a lot of grief re-entering data

John, 12/19/2017

Great tool - this was exactly what I needed to unearth some old address books!

Christopher, 12/4/2017

Thanks Kim for this great tool. I have entries in my Palm datebook that go back to Nov 2004 and wow, just wow, all were imported into Google. Awesome. Thank you!!!

Jay, 10/17/2017

Thanks so much. Us old Palm users just got a bit more life from the old calendar formats.

Robert, 10/16/2017

Easy to use and worked perfectly

Ross, 9/18/2017

Thanks very much for taking the trouble to develop such a useful utility. Although I will only use it once, it was extremely useful.

Calum, 9/4/2017

Thank you for sharing your conversion tool!

Sheryl, 7/20/2017

I just used the converter and it worked beautifully.

Anandi, 7/13/2017

Thanks for this great utility! I have been using my old Palm Desktop calendar software for more than a decade, far longer than the Palm device itself, and I've been stuck with it. I really wanted to start using Google Calendar, so THANKS!

Russell, 7/3/2017

Thank you. Was able to import the converted *.ics file directly into Zoho Calendar.

Jeff, 4/23/2017

Thank you for the time you have put into your product. It's easy to use and works very well.

Lucien, 2/13/2017

I want to say: Thank you very much for this lovely Web Site. It was very useful by helping to transfer all my dates from Palm Desktop to Google Calendar!

Christine, 1/3/2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Even though I had gotten a smartphone a couple of years ago, I still hung on to my Palm Zire 31 for my calendar needs. I tried a couple of times to find out how to move my Palm calendar database to Google, but the instructions I kept finding were terribly out of date. With receiving an Android tablet for my birthday, I decided I had to make the move. I almost cried with joy on using your application and seeing my Palm calendar appear in Google!

Monique, 6/25/2016

I'm amazed. My iPhone and Outlook now have all my Palm calendar entries from May 1999 to June 2016. I didn't know that was going to be possible; I thought I'd have to sacrifice all that. Then I stumbled on Palm2CSV and it was all so easy. Thank you!

Ben from London, UK, 6/13/2016

As many others, I have been hanging on to my old Palm Z22 hoping to export the contacts to a contemporary format. Finally....I found your site and we were able to get all my info. One more antiquated piece of technology that I can recycle. Thank you.

Louise from Chicago, IL, 4/26/2016

Thank you for helping me translate my 15 yrs of Palm Desktop into Google Calendar! It seems to have worked very well :)

A.G. from Portland, OR, 4/4/2016

Thanks for a great product! It was super easy and worked perfectly. I can finally retire my Palm IIIxe and retain my 16 years of calendar data.

Anthony from Vashon, WA, 2/19/2016

Your program was the only one I could find that was capable of transfering my Palm calendar to Google calendar. The pay programs couldn't pull it off. Thank you very much!

Nancy from Alexandria, VA, 1/20/2016

I recently purchased an Android smart phone and needed to consolidate all my address book and calendar info scattered around two legacy devices into Google Contacts and Calendar. The biggest challenge was the conversion of 16+ years of Date Book data on my Palm V sync'ed to Palm Desktop Ver 4.1.4 on my laptop. Stumbled upon Palm2CSV while searching online for a solution. After reading through your very detailed tutorial, within minutes I was able to do the conversion and import into Google Calendar. All events were there ! It is a great piece of work and save us users from so much headache and heartache. Now I can start the mourning period for my trusted Palm V who has served me so well for so many years.

Yee from Texas, 1/16/2016

Thanks for the easy (but reluctant) transfer of almost 2 decades of Palm calendar to Motorola Moto G (RIP trusty Palm TX)

Paul from United Kingdom, 11/4/2015

Thank you for helping me rescue 10 years of old calendar data!

Ramon from New York, NY, 11/3/2015

I used to use Palm till 2000. Now I use Apple's Calendar. But I still find the need to convert Palm calendar of those years to OS format and import them to the Calendar. I find your program very useful and user-friendly. Thank you and best wishes.

Madhab from Nepal, 10/10/2015

Your conversion tool saved hours of retyping! Keep up the good work.

Ross from Ontario, Canada, 9/25/2015

Just used Palm2CSV, in the process of backing up some old files and switching from a PC to a Mac. I'm not done yet but wanted to say thank you for the clear simple instructions on your site! I will donate once I've finished.

Grace, 8/29/2015

Thank you! Worked like a charm and I appreciate having my old data back!

David from Portola Valley, CA, 8/14/2015

Thanks so much for writing this neat programme - it saved me a lot of anguish. I had trouble at first with iCal with the non-timed events loading as the wrong day, or sometimes as both the correct day and the one before. The CSV option solved it.

Roberta from New Zealand, 8/2/2015

Hello, very grateful for your commitment to solve an apparently insoluble problem. Many as I also had this problem and it was finally resolved. I managed to rescue the data from my Palm TX and imported to Google Calendar. Thank you very much.

Olá¡, muito agradecido por seu empenho em solucionar um problema aparentemente insoluvel. Muitos como eu tambem tinham esse problema e ele finalmente foi resolvido. Consegui resgatar os dados do meu Palm TX e importei para o Google Agenda. Muito obrigado.

Marcio from Brazil, 6/7/2015

How thoughtfully presented and well organized. Your video was very good, in that it addressed all of the option choice before making a recommendation as to which to choose. I certainly appreciate your efforts.

Ken, 5/18/2015

I have been searching (intermittently, as it has usually been fruitless) for years for a conversion program to move my Palm 4.1.4 desktop to a Google or Apple Calendar. The Palm to iCal conversion was not without hiccups, but I now have apparently populated my iMac Calendar with the majority of the data that I have stored on my Garmin iQue since 1999.

Wayne from Fairfield, CA, 4/22/15

This was worth a donation. The Palm Treo calendar is the best calendar ever! But times, they are changing, and I slowly say bye-bye. Did transfer my data to Outlook and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much! Now I'm finally relaxed when doing the big step from Palm to Blackberry/Outlook calendar.

Francoise from Basel, Switzerland, 4/7/2015

It was really a quick process. 15 years of PALM data transferred to Google Calendar in about 10 minutes. And it all populated very neatly. Really hate to give up on the PALM devices. They have been very dependable. And since the data is "off line" a lot more secure in my mind. Thanks again for an easy transfer.

George from Bronx, NY, 3/16/2015

Thanks - Palm2CSV worked a treat!

Karl from Devon, United Kingdom, 2/20/2015

I had a Palm Centro for years and I loved it! My husband kept trying to get me to switch to a smartphone but I didn't want to lose all my contacts and calendar that I have had for years. Well, my Centro finally died and I was forced to switch. I was able to export my contacts to my phone but not my calendar. I was SO frustrated. I researched it online and could find no easy way until I found your site. It worked perfectly, including all my old calendar information. You are a miracle worker.

Annemarie from Norristown, PA, 2/14/2015

I finally was able to convert my old Palm calendar to my Google calendar without a hitch. It was much easier than I thought it would be and I had 10 years of Palm calendar history that I didn't want to lose. I have been worrying about this for years and knew at some point my old Palm software would not work. I did limit the future repeating dates to end at December 2015 so this may have been helpful. I was also able to use just one file for the whole 10 years-no problem. Thanks for your wonderful tool!

Barbara from Grahamsville, NY, 2/13/2015

Thank you so much for your product. I no longer use my Palm Pilot, but have kept the files active, since the Calendar and Contacts list were so handy. Thank you for giving me a way to move them into apps that I use regularly.

Mark from Pittsburgh, PA, 1/19/2015

Thanks very much for this conversion program. I have used it several times over a couple of years as I was playing with converting from my Palm Centro to my Android, but I kept on going back to my Palm until I misplaced it last week and have had to bite the bullet and use Palm2CSV (I decided iCal was the best format) to put my calendar on Google.

Wayne from Victoria, Australia, 1/16/2015

First, I'd like to say thanks! I knew that I'd have to exit my long attachment to the Palm desktop eventually, and your work has made this as pain-free as I could have hoped. I'm glad I found your web site. I recently managed to export ~30K Palm calendar events (dating back to 1999), and import them my Outlook calendar, with only very minor issues. And I've been able to make corrections in Outlook quite easily.

Scott from Toronto, Canada, 1/5/2014

What a relief...I feared that I lost all data in my good old, old-fashioned Palm calendar (purchased in 2002!). Thanks to your website, I was able to keep it all, so that I could switch from Palm to a Google Calendar kept up-to-date on my smartphone and tablet. Thanks!

Hugo from Antwep, Belgium, 1/4/2015

Thank you for providing the Palm2CSV service. It worked really well and it gave me the opportunity too finally migrate from my Palm device to a smartphone. ;-) A while ago I already searched for software solutions to get my events out of the Palm into some up-to-date format and now I found your solution. Great stuff!

Frank from Herrenberg, Germany, 12/20/2014

There probably aren't many of us Palm users left around anymore, so you really have to hand it to Kim for keeping this site up and running, and for continuing to tweak the product. I reached the limit of the number of events I could backup to the Palm Desktop last month (probably around 5500 based on the 5508 events I ended up with in Outlook after my migration), and had to start archiving the oldest to make more room for new events. Guess that was my final clue that I needed to move to a new phone! Unfortunately, Verizon no longer knew how to port over the data (perhaps they never knew how?) Anyway, kudos and goodbye to Palm. Their product was ahead of their time and is still better in some ways than Apple's most up-to-date product.

Like Michael notes in his e-mail to Kim (under the Help tab), the conversion to Outlook using the .csv format to transfer data experiences a little difficulty handling repeating events that have not reached their end time. This is not a fault of Kim's software, but a limitation of Outlook and the use of the .csv format, as repeating events are only ported over correctly when one uses the .pst format for transfer. Still, using the .csv method saved me days of re-entering all the data manually.

Here's what I did to fix some of the recurring data after importing to Outlook: By way of example, I had set up birthdays as annually repeating events on my Treo. The conversion and import to Outlook created individual events for past dates of the recurrence, and additional individual events for many years of upcoming birthdays. Fairly easy to fix--I found the earliest event in Outlook for each birthday and edited it to reset it back to becoming the initial recurring event. I then deleted all the remaining individual events with a later date created during the conversion. Unfortunately I had 70 annually repeating events, but the task was not all that difficult once I figured out what needed to be done. This reduced my Outlook event list from about 7,000 entries after migration, back to about 5500. Also note that when you select Outlook and csv as the output format, the column separators, enclosures and terminators that Michael describes in his note are now automatically added to the mix.

The product works like a charm. Can you imagine having to manually convert or re-enter my 5500+ events one at a time? I'm sending over $25 to keep the project going. Thanks again for continuing to making this available, since HP has done almost nothing to help the Palm community following their purchase of the Palm assets.

Bill from Boulder, CO, 12/20/2014

I am still using a Palm Centro with a calendar starting in 1998, a lot of memos (300) and addresses (525). Now I have bought a LG and converted the data from the Palm Centro to csv and imported it into LG PC Suite. I can synchronize with my new mobile now. So thanks for the conversion tools! Using Palm2CSV was very helpful.

Jos from the Netherlands, 11/22/2014

Thank you - it worked perfectly!

Joy from Irvine, CA, 11/21/2014

Thank you so much. This tool worked beautifully. I am so happy to have my desk-anchored calendar freed to the cloud where it accessible from everywhere.

Laura from Shorewood, WI, 10/14/2014

I am finally moving into an Android phone, Note3. I have years of datebook information in Palm (using Agendus for desktop). I started using MyPhoneExplorer and needed to get my datebook info imported into it. Within about 5 min your product got all my calendar information for years and imported it into MyPhoneExplorer! I can't thank you enough for your time and effort to build this on line tool! Sent you a donation via Paypal.

Patrice from Leroy, NY, 10/10/2014

Thank you for creating this program.

Nancy from Philadelphia, PA, 10/2/2014

Your program worked perfectly. Thanks for the help!

Howard from Danville, CA, 9/16/2014

Your program has made my life so much easier. Small donation sent in appreciation. Many thanks.

Sylvia from London, UK, 9/6/2014

Good work! You've saved me a lot of re-typing. Just sent you something through Paypal.

Stephen from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 9/6/2014

Thanks so much for your terrific conversion from Palm to comma delimited program. It works great, and the user interface is awesome.

Molly from Ben Lomond, CA, 9/5/2014

Thank You for this straightforward and effective solution! Truly appreciated! :-) You're awesome!

Rey from Newburgh, NY, 8/31/2014

I felt compelled to donate because this wonderful software that converted my Palm calendar to Google Calendar was exactly what I was looking for. Just wish I found it sooner.

Al from Braintree, MA, 8/30/2014

I donated for using your application to convert my Palm data into Google Calendar. I haven't yet tried converting my To Do list, but am so happy I was able to keep all my calendar info. Thank you!

Violet from San Carlos, CA, 8/26/2014

Soy usuario de Palm desde hace 20 años. Lamenté mucho que se haya discontinuado la producción y servicios de un programa tan útil. Desde hace tiempo intenté trasladar todos mis eventos guardados a otro sistema operativo actual y sustentable. Lo encontré en este sitio y estoy muy agradecido por compartir su uso.

Alfredo, 8/20/2014

Thanks! The Palm2CSV program worked well.

Noah from Essex Junction, VT, 8/13/2014

Your software was a lifesaver in enabling us to transfer to my laptop in a convenient format all the data (calendar, contacts, tasks) on the Palm I had used for years and years. Now I have all my stuff in one place and can wean myself from the Palm, which I loved, but it was just becoming too obsolete to continue using. (Once I upgraded my Mac OS, I could no longer sync it.) Thank you!

Janet, 8/5/2014

Thanks for a great app! It successfully converted about 15 years of Palm data to Google Calendar.

Doug from Canada, 7/25/2014

Thanx for writing this programm which helped me transfer my calendar from Palm to Google and Android.

Pir from Luxembourg, 6/3/2014

Hi, I found it very useful. You are a genius! Thanks so much!

Craig from Gilbert, AZ, 5/29/2014

Thanks for your very useful website. It let me get some old calendar information into my current setup via the Palm2iCal routine, and I was happy to make a donation to help support your work.

Alistair from Omaha, NE, 5/22/2014

My Palm T3 had been resetting itself for the past month. Oh no, my trusted and loyal companion of 10 years was dying! I was so afraid I'd lose all my data but with your file converter, I was able to export everything successfully into Google Calendar. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Bonnie from Montreal, Canada, 4/29/2014

I was worried about losing all the data on my Palm Tungsten E calendar, mostly dozens of birthdays, when diminishing support for Palm and Windows XP led me to switch to my iPod Touch for that functionality. You saved my bacon, with flawless migration.

John from Calgary, Canada, 4/23/2014

Thank you. This program saved my Palm Calendar!

Valerie from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 4/23/2014

Great utility. Just what I needed to transfer my files before the Palm died.

Robert from Nutrioso, AZ, 4/19/2014

Thank you so much for writing this conversion program. I had 14 years of data on my Sony Clie PEG-SJ22/U that I did not want to lose. Your program ran very quickly and without any problems. Importing the CSV file into Google Calendar was seamless. I made a donation to you for your outstanding program.

Ron from Port Saint Lucie, FL, 4/9/2014

All I can say is "wow"! Ever since I set aside my trusty Treo last year, to start using an iPhone, I've been stressing about how to keep from losing my calendar history from 2000. I'd looked at the options online at that time, but somehow missed Palm2CSV. I'm so thankful I checked again. Your web tool converted my old Palm calendar perfectly, and Google never complained when importing the converted files. That's the way stuff is supposed to work. I just made a donation to your efforts. Keep up the good work.

Rick from South Africa, 4/1/2014

VueMinder Pro put me on to your program, since for the last dozen years I've been using the Calendar program part of Palm Desktop. Now I have to leave Windows XP (with much regret) and Palm 4.1.4 won't run satisfactorily on Win 7. So I transferred my 2014 Palm calendar following your instructions and imported it into Vueminder, and all worked flawlessly. I have my last dozen years of calendar now in Vueminder, which is what I wanted in the first place. I'm going to send you a small contribution and thanks for the availability of this program.

Nicholas from Middlebury, VT, 3/29/2014

I have been lagging behind in technology for some time. I couldn't use my Palm because my laptop wouldn't sync with it but I was still using the Palm desktop calendar as I like to have a printed calendar to make client appointments. When I got my iPhone 4s in December I knew I needed to have a calendar that was available desktop and on the phone but figured I would have to re-enter all the current info and forego the history. I found the Palm2CSV software and converted to Google calendar.

Valerie from Garrettsville, OH, 3/23/2014

I used this today trying to get rid of my old phone. All I can say is THANK YOU!

Rebecca from Santa Monica, 3/4/2014

Thank you so much for your website. It fixed my problem converting Palm to iPhone!

Amy from Leawood, KS, 2/17/2014

It was very easy also for a low-level PC user as me, to trasfer my calendar from my old palm tjx to Google Calendar. Thank you so much for your support.

Davide, 2/9/2014

I have been using a Palm Z22 for years - after figuring it might die eventually and they stopped making them long ago I decided to jump into the 21st Century and get a Google Tablet. I was able fairly easily to export my contacts into the tablet but the 10 plus years of Calendar items were not so easy until I read this website. I exported all my calendar items from the Palm Desktop into Google calendar and then synced it with my tablet; no real issues except a few duplicates which I easily deleted.

Mara from Brooklyn, NY, 1/5/2014

Mac Palm Desktop 4.2.1 doesn't export .dba files, but with a little extra help from Kim, Palm2CSV helped me to transfer 15 yrs of events to iPhone. Thank you so much for your very generous personalized help! You're the best!

David from San Diego, CA, 1/3/2014

I own a Palm m515 and I was running Palm Desktop v4.1.4 on Windows XP Mode on my Windows 7 64 machine. I decided to move to a new Android tablet (BQ Maxwell 2 Quad Core) and was anticipating the huge chore of moving all my calendar data from the Palm to the new Android unit...but using Palm2CSV it was like taking candy from a baby! Thanks!

Henrique from Portugal, 12/26/2013

Thank you very much. Using your programs and wonderful instructions, I was finally able to convert and transport successfully my calendar entries from Palm Desktop (6.2.2) to Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Beth, 12/25/2013

My goal was to convert all of my past 10 year Palm calendar events to Calendar on my Mac Pro (Maverick operating system). The only way to do it successfully was to take the converted file from Palm2CSV and import it into Google Calendar and then create an export file. I then used that export file and imported it into Calendar on my Mac Pro. I now have all past events from my Palm incorporated with all current calendar events on Calendar. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool!

Terry, 12/16/2013

Your instructions worked very well in copying my Palm calendar to Google calendar. Thank you.

Lawrence from Newark, DE, 12/6/2013

Thank you so much. Your program is the only one I have found that actually works. The YouTube tutorial helped immensely. Now I can use it on my iPhone...and my laptop. I can keep all my records from 1999 to present without losing them.

Dave from Pittsburgh, PA, 11/29/2013

I just wrote to let you know I am very pleased with your service. It helped me in converting my Palm data to Outlook. Many thanks.

Jan from the Netherlands, 11/24/2013

Thanks! 10 yrs of data now in Google Calendar - rather painless.

Tamara from Beaverton, OR, 11/20/2013

Thanks, spent many years with Palm and am leaving with great pain. Your assistance did help.

Jack from Strafford, NH, 11/10/2013

I jut transferred several years of Palm calendar information to Google Calendar. It was surprisingly quick and easy, thanks entirely to your excellent web site. Thank you!

John from Harlow, UK, 11/1/2013

Just used your tool to convert my Palm calendar to an ICS file for import into Outlook. I had calendar entries dating back to year 2000 which all came through..and converted in less than a minute. You saved me HOURS of conversion torture! Thank you!

Karin, 10/30/2013

You provide a valuable service. Thanks.

J.T. from Clarksville, TN, 10/22/2013

You saved my day! I'm glad I found your converter. Although I regret there was even need to use it. They were stupid at Palm not to put it in Palm Desktop. Maybe I would have made the move from Palm to Android earlier if I knew it.

Adjoran, 10/21/2013

Your service helped me successfully move 5000+ calendar items from Palm Tungsten 3 to Google Contacts. Including the ones I least wanted to lose: calendar items that recorded my activities and movements during great holidays in the past 10 years.

Wayne from Sydney, Australia, 10/20/2013

I was stuck with an old, now misbehaving Palm Desktop, and despairing of rescuing and using it until I found this site and *free* service. I transferred most of the accumulated data over 10 years! Thank you!

Janos from San Francisco, CA, 10/17/2013

Thanks much! Worked like a charm.

Bill from Statesville, NC, 9/27/2013

You just saved me hours! Thanks very much!

Ed from Lafayette, CA, 9/24/2013

Thank you very much for your .dba converter. It's very nice and it works. Thank you again.

Pierre-Yves from France, 9/12/2013

I did donate and want to thank you for something that makes giving up Palm a little less painful. Appreciate the quality of your software and the detailed explanation. I was able to convert to google calendar the first time without a hitch!

Alan from San Clemente, CA, 9/2/2013

Hey, thanx! Just now jumped off the Palm platform after 15 devoted years. Migrated to Google Calendar, first via Companionlink software but that came with some insoluble bugs. Now, thanks to you, those 15 years have now come with me (goodbye Palm, I'll never ferget ye).

Alan from Cambridge, MA, 9/2/2013

I tried it...from Palm to Google and so far so good. Thank you.

David from Barnhart, MO, 9/1/2013

Just a short note to thank you for your very handy and easy-to-use Palm to CSV program. Donation made through PayPal.

Larry from Scottsdale, AZ, 8/24/2013

Thank you for Palm2CSV! I'm a loooong time Palm user who just now made the transition to a modern smart phone, so you and your awesome program saved me a ton of work!

Dan from Gardena, CA, 8/23/2013

I have an ancient Sony PDA that's 10 years old (patched up to still run under Windows 7, 64-bit) and I converted the calendar for use with an iPad using your site. Thanks for saving me a huge amount of time! I can't afford much these days, but I made a donation -- well worth it for all of the time and effort it saved me. Thanks for doing such a great job of programming!

Gail from Setauket, NY, 8/8/2013

Thank you for the wonderful program! I was able to import my Palm T/X calendar (which I have been using since 2004) into Google Calendar. I only had to recreate my color coded categories. Excellent product!

Gail from Setauket, NY, 8/8/2013

Thank you so much for the great utility and the clear instructions. I was very reluctant to give up my Palm after so many years, but it was inevitable. Thanks to your software, I will be able to keep years of data and can keep up with the times.

Chani, 8/5/2013

Thanks so much for developing this program. It helped us out immensely!

Sandra from Reston, VA, 8/4/2013

A friend helped me use your program to import my palm calendar to google calendar. Worked like a charm. Thanks.

Bryan, 7/31/2013

Thanks for this great converter ! When I asked my IT Department to take care of my 2000-2013 agenda transfer from Palm to the Web, they politely declined, arguing that it was way too complex... I gave it a try, and thanks to you, here I am: SUCCESS!!!

Stephane from France, 7/8/2013

Thank you very much Kim Moser for making this script available! You have single-handedly made the switch from Palm to Google calendar do-able for me!

Stacy from Indianapolis, IN, 7/3/2013

Switching from Pimlical/A to Calengoo. Your tool works pretty well. Thanks.

Mark from Lake Mills, WI, 6/19/2013

Thanks for your efforts. I would not have succeeded without this tool!

Paul from the Netherlands, 6/4/2013

I succesfully converted my calendar from my old Palm Z-31 to Google. Thank you!

Michael from London, UK, 6/1/2013

I was wondering how to get my Palm Calendar data into my iPad, by way of the Google Calendar, and your program worked, no problems. Thanks for the work you did to make this a very smooth conversion.

Peter from Canada, 5/16/2013

Extracting my old Palm data was shaping up to be a real pain - until I found your app - thanks!

Jeff from Ontario, Canada, 5/13/2013

Great programme...worked well with Palm Datebook to Outlook & now will do same with tasks...THANK YOU!!!

David from Australia, 5/12/2013

It just did what expected and as a result all my Palm contacts are now well stored inside my Android phone. Great!! Many thanks!!

Francisco, 5/6/2013

I couldn't believe how painless this was, with only a few errors. THANK YOU.

Lena from Keedysville, MD, 4/15/2013

Thanks to you for developing and sharing the Palm conversion software. It worked smoothly converting nearly 12 years of Palm Calendar history to Google Calendar. Although my old Palm PDA is long defunct, the desktop software still functions well ... but I can't carry my desktop computer with me everywhere. I had dreaded the day when the desktop software stopped functioning and I'd lose all that history that I sometimes need to consult. You made it easy, so kudos to you, and thanks again!

Doris from Rockville, MD, 3/29/2013

I just used it to transfer my calendar from my Palm Centro to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet via Google. It transferred almost 1,200 events going all the way back to 2007. Thanks for this great tool.

Steve from Fiskdale, MA, 3/13/2013

Thanks so much! I finally broke down and purchased a smart phone. One of my hesitations had been the thought of losing years of records from my Palm. Thanks to Palm2CSV I was able to convert all of that information to my Google Nexus 4. The process was fast and easy--even for someone like me who isn't overly tech savvy.

Kathryn from Narragansett, RI, 3/11/2013

Palm2CSV is more than useful. You did what Palm, Yahoo (where you can not import .dba files any more) and Google could not: make it work! Even the umlauts and accents are there. It's unbelievable how all the big ones could not solve what is a real necessity: transferring calendar data from what used to be the number one gadget (the Palm) to the new number one gadget (Android devices). I still have entries dating back to 1995 from times when I used a Psion (and back then it was not problem transferring the Psion data to a Palm and other devices, software was somehow better then). And I want to keep them. It's great to know where you were on a day 20 years ago. Without your help that history would have been lost.

Marc, 3/4/2013

Thanks! As a retired programmer, I can appreciate how much work went into writing the converter and setting up the website to handle so many special cases.

Karl from Los Altos, CA, 2/27/2013

Thank you very much for your wonderful app. It helped me to transfer everything I had on my old Palm, to my google account, and so, to my Android telephone. Very useful and easy to use application! Thanks a lot indeed, and congratulations!

E. Bouvier from France, 2/26/2013

Merci pour le fameux convertisseur DBA to iCal.

Jean-Michel from Sens, France, 2/23/2013

Thanks! This was just what I needed, when I needed it, to get my Palm Tasks into Excel with the Priority field intact.

Terry from Bellevue, WA, 2/20/2013

Thanks for the great conversion program. It worked perfectly.

Bill, 2/13/2013

God bless you. You saved my life. Donation made. Thanks.

Jeffrey from Tucson, AZ, 2/11/2013

Thanks for the wonderful service. I've been looking to convert Palm to Outlook for a couple of years. Folks like you who provide this service are a blessing to us all. Well Done, Muchas Gracias!

Michael from Cincinnati, OH, 2/9/2013

Thank you so much for your service! You have really been a life-saver for me. I was afraid I had lost of my data but not only did you help me restore my Palm data but you allowed me to once again access it by helping me convert and upload it to my Google Calendar. It was so quick and easy! THANK YOU!

Margaret from Williamsburg, VA 2/1/2013

Thanks for this program. I was actually able to export from my Palm phone to my new Android....much to my amazement.

Alice from North Bend, OR, 1/30/2013

By the time I successfully finished the conversion yesterday, I had to get on to other things and didn't have the time to drop you a note of thanks. Though I've had an iMac for a year or so, I wasn't compelled to leave Palm behind until I recently got a smart phone. Your excellent site made the process a breeze. The path was clearly laid out, the instructions were clear, and the FAQs covered everything else I needed to know. My calendar with entries going back to November 2000 is now completely installed in ICal after a detour through Google Calendar. Thanks for providing what Palm wouldn't and for saving me many frustrating hours.

Marc from Great Falls, VA, 1/25/2013

I have my Palm Treo that I got in 2007 and it still works great - but I know the day is coming when I must bid adieu to the great little pda. I've been trying to figure out how to transfer my address book and calendar to my iPod Touch, and after getting a sloppy transfer of the address book, I turned my attention to the calendar. To no avail. I was so frustrated, and then after searching - I must have typed the right thing into the search engine and your page came up. I read it carefully, realized that I had a little time right then and I followed each step - and VOILA! My calendar is now in my Google Calendar and in my iPod Touch. And on the new (to me, but used) Mac. Thank you for developing this wonderful site to help us Luddites as we attempt to move forward in this often over-whelming world of technology.

Georgia from New York, NY, 1/24/2013

Thank you thank you thank you! I used the converter to transfer my Palm 72 calendar to my Google Calendar. Other than several duplicate entries, it worked like a charm.

Myra from Colorado Springs, CO, 1/24/2013

I love my Palm, and really miss having the Palm Desktop on my Windows 7 laptop, but being able to import all my calendar settings into the Google calendar has really helped. Thank you so much!

Deb from Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, 1/21/2013

Thank you for this great tool. Pretty crappy that Google doesn't provide this service, but I was very relieved to find your site, and it worked like a charm. Thank you!

Jeffrey from Meriden, CT, 1/19/2013

Thanks for helping me convert over 14 years of Palm calendar in moments. I had been dreading this transition but you made it go very smoothly.

Max from Lincoln, MA, 1/18/2013

Your program was great! It saved us much time and effort with our old Palm III. You have a wonderful mind to write a program like that!

Nancy from Denver, CO, 1/6/2013

I have used Palm [...] for years to synchronise appointments [...]. Now moving 10 years of appointments to a new system required a HUGE leap of faith. I purchased a Samsung S3 as my mobile device and could use the Google Calendar interface on the PC's. I trawled the net looking for sync interface and decided to try Palm2CSV. Well it was the simplest procedure and and was very nervous in implementation without need. It took about 30 seconds to convert the PDA file to a CSV one and then simple to import into Google. Both calendars went in without error so far and though getting used to using new hardware/software it has been simple and ultimately functional and accurate. I have made a donation with pleasure and thank you for creating a superb vehicle to move into the 21st Century scheduling.

Phil from Stafforshire, UK, 1/5/2013

I have delayed switching calendars for YEARS because I could not convert my old one. I finally got an iPhone 5 for Christmas (my family said it was time). I was a technical computer programmer for years, so I am NOT afraid of technology...just weeks of retyping a calendar I have had (only on my desktop...PDA died years ago) for YEARS. Thank took less than 5 minutes (and that is counting the Google search to find you). Made a small donation to help others! Thanks! My calendar is now on my desktop as Outlook, on my iPhone and my iPad! So very cool.

Tami from Villa Hills, KY, 1/3/2013

Thank you so much for developing this for us! It worked perfectly. I am really pleased that you took the time to help all of us convert our files!

James from Irvine, CA, 12/31/2012

I had trouble with my Palm/Palm Desktop which resulted in the data from two of my three computers I use for scheduling all appointments for my company. I used the Palm Desktop to coordinate my employees. You can imagine that i was very stressed about the loss of my data as it was vital for my company to operate. I needed a way to transfer all the files for my company from the Palm Desktop to my new Google Calender system. Palm2CSV helped immensely to ease my stress and get my business back online. I would recommend Palm2CSV to anyone looking to make the transition themselves. The instructions are clear and concise and very easy for anyone with moderate computer experience to convert your files.

Alan from Boise, ID, 12/21/2012

I have just converted successfully my Palm calendar and was impressed by the level of detail you went into. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. Thanks for your hard work making life easy for us users!

Christine from France, 12/17/2012

Thanks for making your converter available for free. I am very reluctant to pay up front for such software not knowing if it will do the trick - yours does! I have no doubt that it saved me a lot of time converting 10 years worth of Palm data.

Steve from British Columbia, Canada, 12/14/2012

I used today your site to convert my Palm calendar into iCal and then import into Google Calendar. It worked very well, including repetitive tasks. Thanks a lot.

François from Issoire, France, 12/8/2012

Thanks for making it. I was going to just start a new calendar on my Android device, but when I found Palm2CSV I realized I could preserve several years of history accumulated on my Palm. I rarely need to look back at old entries, but when I do I'm glad I can. Much appreciated.

Alex from Mountain View, CA, 12/5/2012

Thank you. This was easy and painless to transfer my entire calendar!

Alison from San Jose, CA, 11/19/2012

Thank you so much. I used Palm2CSV ages ago to convert my Palm Date book to Google calendar. It saved me an immense amount of time and the pain of trying to convert it any other way. Move forward in time to last night. A friend of mine was (finally) ready to convert her Sony Clie Palm Date book to Google calendar. I was so grateful to see that your website was still available to lend a hand. So, for me and my friend you've been a life saver twice. Again, thank you, thank you!!!

Marv, 11/19/2012

Thanks. You made the transition from Palm to iOS way easier.

David from Brookhaven, PA, 11/16/2012

After many years as Palm dependent, and after some years of doing all kind of things to keep Palm Desktop alive with Android--after the device could no longer be used--I moved to the cloud, through Google and keeping my Droid and my Mac in sync. And part of it could be done through your conversion. Thanks a lot!

Eduardo, 11/15/2012

What a great program. I was able to convert 15 years of Palm Calendar to Google within 10 minutes of finding your site.

Christopher, 11/6/2012

I've been hoping to migrate off my Palm software for some time. I have used Palm software for over 12 years, using both a PalmV and a Treo, and had not found a way to move the calendar until now. I moved the >10 years of calendar information to both Google and to Outlook with absolutely no problem. Your website worked flawlessly and I'm very happy to make a contribution for making this available.

Paul from Mountain City, TN, 10/22/2012

I have been a big fan of Palm devices since the original Palm Pilot, and I have been using my last Palm PDA, a Palm TX, since 2008. I have depended on these devices every single day for many years to schedule business and personal events and don't know what I would have done without them. I have been dreading the day when the trusty old TX would bite the dust and I have struggled to keep Palm Desktop working through several PCs, including my current Windows 7 64-bit Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, so that I could at least back up the data on the TX. For the past several years I have had BlackBerry smartphones, but never found a good way to move my schedule and contact data to them, so I've been carrying both the phone and the Palm TX for years.

I finally made the decision last week to get an iPhone 5 with the goal of moving all of my data from the TX to the iPhone so that I could finally retire the TX. Once I had the iPhone, I realized that if I could get the Palm data into Google Calendar, then I could sync it with the iPhone. It did not take long to find your software on the web, and boy, was it a lifesaver! I followed your instructions to the letter to export the Calendar data in Palm Desktop 6.2.2 to a Datebook .dba archive file, then converted it using Palm2CSV (accepting all of the defaults) to two .ics files. I was amazed at how well--and fast--it worked, flawlessly converting more than 10,000 calendar items going back to 1998 on the first try. I imported the two files into Google Calendar, synced with the iPhone, and voila! - it was all there! The entire process of finding you on the web and getting the data onto the iPhone took only a couple of hours. I am so happy with your software--you saved me many days of work--that I just made a donation through Paypal. I highly recommend your software to anyone trying to move from a Palm PDA or phone to an iPhone. Thanks very much for your hard work to create Palm2CSV - you have made my transition to the iPhone much easier and frustration-free.

Jack from Providence, RI, 10/19/2012

I'm so delighted that a friend pointed me to your website. I was able to transfer my calendar data from my old Palm into Google Calendar with the help of your website. You've saved me hours!

Joan S, 10/18/2012

Well done. Very easy to use and effective.

Mark from Manlius, NY, 10/14/2012

Thanks for the help! It worked and saved me a bunch of time and frustration!

Wayne L, 9/28/2012

Thank you so much for the Palm to CSV converter software! It worked great for converting my Palm calendar (on a very old LifeDrive) to my Yahoo Calendar. I can't believe how easy it was to use! The instructions were very easy to follow and so far it looks like repeating events are fine. I'll make a donation... Thanks again!

Johanna, 9/26/2012

Your Palm2CSV helped A LOT. Nothing else I'd tried worked for me. Thank you.

Damon from West Chester, PA, 9/26/2012

I finally had it with Palm Desktop eating all of my calendar events again -- as it's been doing for nearly a decade now... (Access is a disgustingly buggy toy -- I spent the last 20 years of my programming career with dBase, Clipper and FOXPRO - the BEST DBA EVER!) Your program worked great. I went through a Google calendar, the file your program created imported fine with no glitches. My events were pretty simple either just a one time event - some with notes - and a few repeating events. It then all synchronized with my Lightning calendar without a hitch -- although with an appreciable wait for Google to send it all. The only HARD part was finding documentation that would tell me EXACTLY how to import to the Google calendar and how to Import into the Lightning calendar (I never found that! -- I had to Synchronize through the Google calendar)... Anyway, cheers and thank you for your service to the community...

Charles from Tucson, AZ, 9/25/2012

I've been casually looking for a way to export my Palm calendar and accidentally stumbled onto the information to use your wonderful conversion tool. Very well done! I can appreciate how much time it must have taken, being a former programmer!

Carol from East Lansing, MI, 9/25/2012

After wondering how I was ever going to replace my Tungsten T, I finally used Palm2CSV to transfer my Address Book and Datebook from Palm Desktop 4.1 running on XP Home onto Google Contacts and Google Calendar, and from there on to a Galaxy Ace running Android (2.3.6). The Palm Memos I transferred directly to the phone using the Note Everything app. The only sad thing is that the Palm is now history.

Ed from Cheshire, UK, 9/18/2012

Thank you so much for this program. I am still in mourning for my Lifedrive but I needed this very program very badly.

Zsuzsanna S, 9/13/2012

After changing the output extension from .ics to .ical, I was able to import my Palm calendar to my Google calendar. It works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Barry B, 9/13/2012

What a wonderful program. When my 10 year old flip phone died, I decided to retire my 10 year old Palm as well and purchase a smart phone, an Android. I chose to use a Google calander on my new phone for reasons of convience. Thanks to your program, my calander data, including repeated events, transferred rather easily to my Google calander. From my Google calander I was able to transfer my data to an Outlook calander (needed for work), which I could not do using the Palm desktop, since my version of Outlook is too recent. So your program was doubly helpful.

Désirée from Quebec City, Canada, 9/9/2012

Yeah. Thanks for the huge assist. I'm now officially converted (almost) to my Android device--and on MS Exchange. Been a Palm user for a dozen years--and loved most of that time. Maybe google/droid will be even more time-efficient.

Dennis from Fayetteville, GA, 9/1/2012

Thank you for the time you have put into your product.

Randy from Holland, MI, 8/26/2012

Amazing site, was searching along time to find a solutions for that, read plenty ideas to convert to Yahoo then Outlook then Google, nothing worked, this system is amazing, quick and easy! Kudos to Palm2CSV!

Joel B, 8/23/2012

The conversion into Outlook 2007 went smoothly after a second try. The first try included many repeat entries (birthdays, anniversaries) that did not convert the way I wanted. I went back to the original entries (50 items) and removed the repeat command. After that it worked great. I previously uploaded my address file into Outlook 2007 without the need for any additional software. I did all this work so that I could upload the Outlook Calendar and Contacts into iCloud for my iPhone.

Arthur W from Bonita Springs, FL, 8/6/2012

Thank you for such a great tool! I was able to transfer my palm calendar to google calendar. I limited the file size to 1MB and specified 10/31/12 as my end date range. With these few simple changes it worked. Thank you again.

Roberto from Los Angeles, CA, 8/4/2012

GREAT!!! Never thought it could work so easily, flawlessly and effortlessly. A magnificent tool! Congratulations for a great piece of software.

Jorge B from Montevideo, Urugay, 8/4/2012

It was very useful. I've been on Palm for nearly 12 years and was dreading changing because I 'knew' that it wasn't going to be possible to do an easy data conversion or even any data conversion at all. That quite put me off from moving onto more modern technology. Your Palm2CSV (a) worked beautifully (b) was easy to use and (c) did the whole job in a few minutes. So thanks very much indeed.

Julian B. from Leicestershire, United Kingdom, 8/3/2012

I just finished making the conversion of my Palm data with Palm2CSV and wish to thank you for you effort, and congratulate you for solving a problem that the commercial vendors were unable or unwilling to solve.

Enzo M. from Mexico, 8/2/2012

Thank you ... I had been struggling to find a way to convert my Palm calendar to Google. Your solution worked very well the first time! I did send a donation via PayPal. Your extra efforts are appreciated!

Vic from Dunwoody, GA, 8/1/2012

Thank you Kim for all the work you've done on this project! It really helped me out going from a Tungsten E2 to a Galaxy SIII. I have no idea if $50 is appropriate, but your returned data (and FAQ file) really helped me out. THANK YOU. Now I'm copying my memo's and I'm pretty much all done. Contacts were the hardest of all. Wish me luck.

Tim from Roswell, GA, 7/18/2012

After many happy years using the Palm Treo my 3rd phone, second refurbished, finally called it quits. For what I used the phone it served me well. I also liked Desktop 6.2 as a PIM but when got my laptop running Windows, at first I had some issues syncing my phone to laptop, can't use the cable, had to buy a Bluetooth adapter. After a few problems which the Palm support center were great. Now I own a Samsung Galaxy S III and use GMail and Google Calandar which was not easy to import my data from my Desktop to Google Calendar until I found your site. Everything went smoothly and all data moved over 100%.

Andrew, 7/14/2012

As many other people I was lost and your app helped a lot!!!! I sent you a donation because I really think you deserve it!!

Oscar from Zaragoza, Spain, 7/13/2012

I have been using my Palm Tungsten E for more years than I can remember and have always loved it. Sadly, the hardware is breaking down and my ancient cell phone started to do the same, so I decided to move to a smartphone. My Palm calendar has always served me well as a kind of database of the history of my life and I really wanted to get it on my new phone. I was hoping to find a free tool for migrating that data and came across Palm2CSV. It did exactly what I needed.

As a software engineer who gets paid for the code I write, I've always admired people who provide really valuable software for free. When the "hidden" calendar entry popped up this morning asking for a donation, I thought to myself, "hell yes!" I had been bent on finding a free conversion tool, but once the conversion was done and it having gone so well, I felt inspired to show my appreciation.

Thank you for your efforts and for providing such an excellent service to Palm users everywhere, of which sadly I can no longer count myself as one.

Paul from Westlake Village, CA, 7/13/2012

Thank you for creating such an easy to use utility. We needed to create a ICS file so we could port the calendar into Hotmail calendar as part of our Windows-Live session and integration with our smart phone. It all worked great the first time. We have made a small donation to help support your further development. This world of computers is a lot better off with people like you writing useful utilities and letting them be tested and used for the benefit of us folks out here in cyberworld.

V-A from Royal Oak, MI, 7/13/2012

Thank you very much for Palm2CSV.

Karl-Heinz from Reinbek, Germany, 7/11/2012

I've been trying to convert my wife's Palm Pilot to an up to date device for the past few years. She has years and years of calendar data that didn't export at all. In fact, it wouldn't hot sync (probably too large). I just got her a new iPhone and with a bit of web searching, I found your solution that worked just great. I can now confidently put her Palm Pilot to rest. Palm was a great device while it lasted. It's too bad they blew it. Thanks again. You'll find a small contribution to the cause in your PayPal account. Worth every penny.

Michael from Pasadena, CA, 7/7/2012

I really appreciate your useful tool! I'm just in the process of switching over my calendar and it was so easy to use! Thanks for your dedication to solving what can be a really annoying problem!

Jenina from Madison, WI, 7/6/2012

Thanks so much for creating this. I have been using a Palm phone for many, many years and I was really dreading the idea of having to move all of my stuff to a new system. You made everything so easy!

Marci from Bethesda, MD, 6/29/2012

Worked great for Calendar import to Google, many thanks!

Oli from Montreal, Canada, 6/29/2012

I received an iPod Touch as a present yesterday with the intent that I replace my aging Palm Pilot. I am running Palm Desktop 4.1.1 and Outlook 2003. After doing some searching in the Web, I came across your program. The video was particularly helpful and the written instructions very detailed and clear. I then proceeded to export the Palm Calendar in "Date Book Archive" format. then uploaded the resultant file and received the CSV file which I was able to import into Outlook (using CSV DOS format, which was not specified in the instructions). It worked great and I was able to synch my iPod Touch using iTunes and the instructions found at (which were not entirely accurate since they referred to the wrong tab, in the version of iTunes I have, the tab is labeled "Info" and the instructions regarding it are different but easy enough to figure out). Then I struggled through importing the Contacts and Notes from Palm to Outlook (I wish your program did that as well, would have saved me a fair amount of guessing and trial and error before I figured out how to do it). Bottom line, Palm2CSV did a great job with the Calendar. I did make a donation for you to keep at it. Well done!

Ray from Hialeah, FL, 6/26/2012

These days, when so much barely works at best, Palm2CSV did exactly what I needed, flawlessly. I was amazed when I found there was something on the web that did exactly what I needed, delighted that it was easy and convenient and happy that it was free. (Which didn't stop me from making a donation through PayPal). Many thanks for saving me from a tedious, half-baked, manual conversion process!

Steve from Pownal, ME, 6/26/2012

Thanks for Palm2CSV. I didn't need much data moved, but your program was helpful. Have a nice day!

Toni, 6/22/2012

Realmente dan un servicio INCREÍBLE!!! Gracias a ustedes pude sincronizar toooodos los datos de mi calendario Palm que uso hace 12 años en Google. Algo que pensé que no podría hacer sola. nuevamente: GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS!!!!!!!

Alejandra from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 6/5/2012

Hi, just used your palm2csv and it was AMAZING! I don't know how difficult creating this kind of program is, but for me it is a little miracle. Thank you so much! I've been on Palm for years and years and finally caved in to switch to Outlook. It isn't so great, but at least it is recognized! So glad I found your site.

Elisabeth from Irvington, KY, 5/30/2012

Hey Kim - you rule! My only regret is the 20+ hours I've lost trying to rescue my palm calendar before I reached your site. Now my eight year calendar story is safe in Google and sync'ed on Android phone.

Jose from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5/29/2012

I really want to thank you for your service. I've been using my Palm Vx since 2001 until I lost it last month. I loved that PDA! Now, by force, I had to update to a Samsumg Galaxy. Now thanks to you I have my calendar synchronized to Google including all my old dates since 2001.

Fernando from Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5/10/2012

Thank you for a great tool! I had 10+ years worth of data I was trying to transfer to Outlook for quite some time now. Other solutions didn't do the job as accurately or effectively.

Nancy from Torrance, CA, 5/8/2012

Thanks a lot for your great Palm2CSV converter. It's very useful!

Moulzed from Paris, France, 5/7/2012

Thanks! Palm2CSV saved me a bunch of time!

Katherine from San Diego, CA, 4/29/2012

Your website is awesome! It's so hard to find decent stuff like this for the Palm. I hope you keep it up! Thanks!

Jared from Prescott, AZ, 4/24/2012

Thank you! While this was still a miserably long job (the calendar and also uploading my contacts to google), your on-line calendar converter made it a snap! I found another forum that explained how to clean up the palm contacts and upload each category separately in order to easily keep them in their categories. You were a great help!

Patrice from Leroy, NY, 4/22/2012

Your conversion tool saved me a lot of time converting my .dba file to .csv once I found you. Thanks for making it available.

Collen from Saint Paul, MN, 4/15/2012

Thank you for making this software available. It enables to migrate in a fast and reliable way all my calendars from Palm to Outlook.

Nourddine from Egypt, 4/10/2012

Thank you thank you thank you. With Palms going extinct I have been trying for months to find an easy way to transfer my Palm DBA files to CSV so I can get my information into Google and then transfer it to whatever phone I next buy. Have tried several programs, and this is the ONLY one that was straightforward, easy, had FAQs that were relevant, and thorough explanations of everything I needed to know. Now I can finally get a new phone!

Pamela, 4/4/2012

Many thanks. Very nicely done.

Robert from Denver, CO, 4/4/2012

This worked like a charm. I was very concerned about losing my Palm calendar data. And your video was very helpful. Thank you for all us WebOS folks.

Jackie from Richmond, VA, 3/28/2012

Just used your website to convert my Palm calendar to Google. Worked awesome! Thank you so much!

Erin, 3/16/2012

Just wanted to let you know that you have another happy user. I only needed to convert a small quantity of calendar data from Palm to Google, but it worked perfectly.

Olly from UK, 3/13/2012

Thank you so much, worked perfectly! Excellent instructions.

Donald from Golden, CO, 3/11/2012

Thank you! I thought the last 20 years of my life was going to disappear along with the PalmOS.

Jeanne from Annapolis, MD, 3/11/2012

I just got a new Droid phone and looked at many options to move my calendar to it from my Sony/Palm orginizer. You saved me tons of effort. It worked the first time and moved 10 years worth of date to my new device. Now I don't have to carry 2 PDA's anymore.

David from Pasadena, CA, 3/7/2012

This program helped me convert 23,000 items to Outlook 2010 quickly and easily.

David from Gainesville, FL, 2/19/2012

Kim, thank you for this excellent tool. You saved me what would have been hours of tedious work to migrate my Palm data to Google. Nicely done!!

Reinhard from Newtown, CT, 2/23/2012

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your work!! In the last few works I spent hours to find a solution to transfer my data from my PalmOne Desktop into Google Calendar.. Nothing did really work ;-( I almost gave up. Today another try. I came to your site by recommondation on a forum. Again, I thought another try which will leave you frustrated behind. Oh?! Yeeeeahhhhh, it worked!! Unbelievable! Thank you, it should have many more humans like you on this planet. You made my day!

Peter from Zurich, Switzerland, 2/23/2012

Great product. Helped us out in a sec. Very user friendly with a big sigh of relief as a result when all the data is transferred. Thank you Palm2CSV!!! :-)

Anja from Brussels, Belgium, 2/22/2012

Thank you so very much for putting together such an excellent product and attendant documentation. I converted our 12+ years of palm calendar data today to google calendar. all looks good. I've been dreading the transition and am so happy to have found your software. really appreciated the youtube video as well.

Susan from Falls Church, VA, 2/20/2012

Just used your on-line Palm calendar converter, after spending several hours searching for a solution. Worked like a charm, first time! Thanks so much for the utility, and I've made a small donation to say thanks. Just got my first iPhone, and want to import my 13 years of Palm info. If you have any advice on how to transfer memos, I'm all ears.

Alan from Fremont, CA, 2/15/2012

Having used Palm products for 10 years, I assumed it would be obvious that Palm or HP would have made it their first priority to allow users to convert their data to the new preferred format. i.e. to allow it to import to Google calendar. (Not sure what brain pathways were missing in the Palm/HP executive brains, but it is certainly good news that someone competent is now in charge.) Many, many thanks for your excellent conversion software service. 10 years of calendar data converted and uploaded to google without a hitch!!! Utterly brilliant! Thank you. And I have made a donation (cheaper than a divorce if I had not got this done for my wife!).

Jim from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, 2/14/2012

The last few days, I figured that I needed to get the calendar info from my Palm desktop/Palm TX before something catastrophic happens. Otherwise, 13 years of events would disappear. Spent last night Google'ing, reading, investigating. Then I came across a post in a forum talking about your site. Within 5 or 10 minutes of going to your site, I had all that data on my Gmail calendar! Seems to work like a charm. Thanks for identifying the need to get the data out of the Palm environment and making it available for the newer platforms, and coming up with this cloud solution.

Leam from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, 2/11/2012

Thank you so much for this program - it was a tremendous time saver

Sherry from Crestview, FL, 2/10/2012

I've been stuck in HPs Palm-nowhere-land since migrating from XP to Windows 7. I have considered trying to get to a modern platform and was really annoyed that HP left Palm users in limbo. The approaches in Web blogs were daunting and cumbersome beyond belief and at best were a partial hack. This conversion was user friendly and immaculately documented. I did the whole thing in a few minutes (less than about 10) and got better than perfect results. Indeed, it went so fast I thought something was wrong. And, for free! Albeit, I did make a well deserved contribution. Thanks for this simple but powerful conversion app, I'm happily doing Google calendar on my desktop and Galaxy Nexus.

John from Colts Neck, NJ, 2/9/2012

Thank you! Very simple, easy to follow. Very much appreciate web site and tutorial.

Robin from Burtonsville, MD, 2/6/2012

Thank you! Very simple, easy to follow. Very much appreciate web site and tutorial.

Robin from Burtonsville, MD, 2/6/2012

Thanks, this tool was a big help.

Paul from Sun Prairie, WI, 1/30/2012

You saved me a huge amount of work. You are the only free software I found. Happy to help out a bit.

Alan from Pleasanton, CA, 1/26/2012

I just purchased an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 to replace my aging Treo 650 (which could not sync to the calendar of my new employer). Your conversion service made it easy to move my calendar over the Galaxy, saving me a lot of time. I am happy to make a donation.

Paul from Los Altos, CA, 1/24/2012

You saved me! I love Palm but they chose to exit the market. My new Samsung Focus doesn't have nearly as good a calendar. I used mine as a diary not just time management. Oh well, gotta move on I guess - sadly.

Patty from South Jordan, UT, 1/24/2012

Thanks for helping me migrate from my handheld Palm to Outlook 2010. My nephew did the actual computer work; the conversion worked very well.

Walter from Sheboygan, WI, 1/21/2012

Thank you! I work in IT and my techs weren't sure if I could convert my Palm to Google calendar. I used Palm2CSV and then, as you suggested, broke each calendar into a separate .csv file, imported each into the correct Google calendar - worked like a charm! Thank you!!!!!

Shannon, 1/20/2012

You saved my Palm! I use more and more Google services, but i really like my old Palm for its autonomy (I can use it during weeks before recharge), and there is no free sync tools to doing it... until I found your tool! Great job, especialy your pre-filled form for Google Calendar, Outlook or Yahoo. Your website is clear, and very useful.

Etienne, 1/19/2012

Simple and user friendly - Thank you very very much!

Leandro from Paris, France, 1/19/2012

The software worked beautifully. Many thanks for your efforts.

Patrick from Virginia Beach, VA, 1/8/2012

Thanks for helping me drag my calendar out of the 20th century.

Andrew from Rahway, NJ, 1/8/2012

You are amazing!! I finally have my Palm calendar converted perfectly to Google! My friends won't be able to tease me about my Treo any more! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

Lee from Los Angeles, CA, 1/8/2012

This program was a LIFESAVER! And very easy to use. Thank you so much!

Michele from Wylie, TX, 12/30/2011

Your conversion program worked fine and saved me a lot of time in converting from Palm to Google.

Troy from Warrenton, VA, 12/29/2011

I've been struggling for a couple of weeks to get my calendar out of my dying Palm Treo into Google Calendar for my shiny new Android phone. Of various methods and programs, this was by far the simplest and most effective. Thousands of events came through beautifully. Your excellent documentation and options for processing the data for Google made it a simple, confident process. Because Palm2CSV translates repeating events into individual single events, I was able to work around Google's annoying failure to import repeats. Wish I'd found this weeks ago! I made a donation, and I hope others will too. Many thanks for the countless hours you must have put into this.

David from Decatur, GA, 12/24/2011

I thought your program and the instructions/links were a model of clarity and simplicity. I moved 13,702 (-56 that didn't move) events from my Palm Tungsten E2 to Google Calendar in no time flat (though with the usual amount of jitters.) The warnings about how to format various things, including the attention to details about time zones, date formats, etc. were all easy to interpret and heed. Really, someone should hire you to oversee the writing of all tech manuals worldwide. Thank you so much!

Amy, 12/12/2011

Awesome product. Moved about 10 years worth of Palm Desktop calendar data easily to Google Calendar. Thanks!

Lauren from Midlothian, VA, 12/11/2011

My husband and I used Palm2CSV to convert years of our Palm calendars. It went without a hitch. We so appreciate your program. Thank you!

F.G. from Dunwoody, GA, 12/4/2011

I really appreciate you sharing your talent with others. I am not computer literate, yet I had no trouble converting my years of Palm calendar to Google so it could be put in my new phone. I resisted getting a new phone for years, because I didn't want to lose all of that info. Thanks again.

Sheryl from Lawrenceville, KY, 11/21/2011

Just wanted to say thanks for a great job. I brought my Palm Ver 6.2.2 calendar into Google Mail without a hitch in one big file, it goes back to 2001. I struggled for months to get my 5000 entry contact database into Google, but after finding your site it took me just one try to get it right. Wow!

Arthur from Beachwood, OH, 11/20/2011

Thanks for putting together the Palm2CSV application. It was a big help.

Arlene from San Rafael, CA, 11/17/2011

Thanks so much for this program. My Palm Tungsten is dying on me and I need to get my calendar exported to Google Calendar which your program did the job. I haven't decided on what to get ( a smart phone may be) to replace my Palm but at least I got the CSV file for now.

Allen from Ontario, Canada, 11/10/2011

Thanks for the great software service! A big help.

Tom from Virginia, 11/10/2011

I greatly appreciated your product. It made it so easy for me to convert my Palm Vx data into my iPod Touch. I kept hearing from everyone that I should make an appointment with the Apple store so I could get some "genius" to transfer my data.

Charles, 11/8/2011

Thank you for developing this very useful tool.

Mike from UK, 11/8/2011

Program worked great. Thanks for developing a great utility.

Eric from Bellaire, TX, 11/5/2011

I used your software conversion tool this morning to convert Palm calendar data going back to 1998 and it appears to have worked beautifully. I'm in the process of converting and moving data from an old machine to a new computer with Windows 7 and your program has really saved me time and worry.

Carol, 10/25/2011

Fantastic program, this did EXACTLY what I needed. Many thanks, my past is once more visible despite the demise of my Palm 3C. Cheers.

David from Cheadle, United Kingdom, 10/11/2011

Thank you!!!! You saved my life... my calendar anyway which is almost my life. God bless you - this is all I can afford or I'd give you more... You are a lifesaver, really.

Jan from Walla Walla, WA, 10/9/2011


Itzhak from Bet Gamliel, Israel, 10/6/2011

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for creating a VERY sorely needed app. I am finally retiring my tank-like Treo 650 (2003!) and have gone Android. I was worried about how to get all of my calendar data out of the tank and onto the cloud and google search led me to you. Your app worked perfectly!!!

Ron, 10/5/2011

Thank you. You are an awesome person!

David from Lancaster, CA, 10/4/2011

Thanks! Got it right on the 2nd try. The 1st time it did not work correctly as all the events repeated every day. Watch the video and tried again the next morning.

Chris from Phoenix, AZ, 10/4/2011

After HP decided to pull the plug on WebOS, I reluctantly ditched my Treo 680 for a Motorola Atrix so I could use the OnStar remote start app for my Chevy Volt. Unfortunately, I have not been able to port over my calendar until I ran across your nice app today. I was able to transfer over dates up to June 30, 2015 [...] (By the way, your video was a nice help.)

Greg, 10/2/2011

Thank you for providing the useful software, Palm2CSV. As requested, I am including a shareware payment to support development of this software.

J from New York, NY, 9/30/2011

As a 72 year old, most things in the electronic world are quite foggy and hard to understand, mostly because of terminology in my case. Your tutorial was slow paced, clear, showed what was needed with a brief explanation. I converted my files in about 15 minutes having previously spent 2 days trying to do so. Hooray for Palm2CSV.

D.B., 9/27/2011

Thanks for the programme, it helped enormously, I appreciate it.

Tim from Bucks, United Kingdom, 9/26/2011

Thank you so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it!!!

Jonna from Schuyler, NE, 9/24/2011

Thanks for your good work. The conversion software was very helpful. Thanks again.

Stephen from Montreal, Canada, 9/19/2011

Thank you for the advice, unzipping worked. I wish I had e-mailed you earlier today. Also I want to thank you for your detailed instructions and the You-tube tutorial which was extremely helpful. After reading all the reviews on the difficulty people seem to have exporting their Palm data, I wasn't expecting to be able to do this on the first attempt. I'll be sure to put in a plug for you on the Google website and send you a donation. Thanks again for tackling this issue since Google has not!

Kim, 9/11/2011

Thank you for the conversion software. Keep up the good work and hope everyone who used your software will donate.

Allen from Cordova, TN, 9/8/2011

My Palm Pilot died but I didn't want to let go of all the information I had stored on it. The program you created saved me lots of time and hassle. Thank you very much.

Samuel, 9/8/2011

I just made a donation to help support Palm2CSV conversion. Thanks so much for putting out this program. There is nothing else like it out there and of course Palm has never allowed a save to .csv which would have made every bodies lives much easier...

Richard, 9/4/2011

Thank you so much for making this available and affordable. It worked beautifully without a hitch. I have a Palm TX--Desktop 6.2 - running Windows 7 64-bit--Office 2010 32-bit. I have made a small donation via Paypal.

Mary-Ann from Hampshire, United Kingdom, 9/2/2011

You saved me. I had years of calendar data in my Palm Treo 700P using 6.2 Access Desktop. This was the only way to transfer it to my Droid. Thx a bunch!!!!

Dick from Pahrum, NV, 8/31/2011

I just successfully used your site to export 9 years worth of calendar events from my Palm desktop to CSV, and thence to Google Calendar. It was simple! Thank you for the easy and successful transfer from Palm to Google Calendar, Kim!

Marcia from Ontario, Canada, 8/29/2011

That was awesome! Thank you for the help in converting from Palm to Droid. Easy to follow instructions and it worked flawlessly in minutes.

Mavra, 8/25/2011

Thank you so much for providing the Palm2CSV solution! I just switched from a Palm Zire 72s to a Samsung Galaxy, and I was able to transfer all of my calendar files from the Palm to Google Calendars with very few problems. Great job!

Elana, 8/25/2011

My Palm OS recently died and I desperately wanted to save and use many years-worth of data. Your information led me through the process of converting Palm to Outlook then to my Android. I have never come across support which literally leads me through the process, providing links and programs which I would otherwise have to find and access. Thanks a million.

Jade, 8/20/2011

I made a test and now works correctly. Thanks.

Yulia from Vantabria, Spain, 8/18/2011

Just a thank you for helping my transition from Treo 755p to Droid 3 much easier. Appreciate it.

Peter from Fort Bragg, CA, 8/9/2011

Thank you very much for developing Palm2CSV, it's just allowed me to convert 12 years of palm data into MS Outlook 2010, of which I'm very happy. (Minor note: UK date format didn't seem to wotk with Outlook 2010 (even though UK was set everywhere for my local settings, must be an MS bug), so repeated in US data format and all worked well. Keep up the great work!

James from Birmingham, United Kingdom, 8/6/2011

I was trying to move my calendar from my Palm TX to Google Calendar in order to use my new HTC Nexus One (Android) ... and this was DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY!! To move the information from Palm to Google calendar is such a pain (becasuse I use Palm Desktop, not Outlook) ... but fortunately YOUR GREAT SYSTEM do all the work for me. It worked FLAWLESS and QUICK! It's the most amazing piece of software I've seen in a while, not to mention THE GREATEST PALM-TO-ANYTHING tool on earth! I CANT'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!! YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON!!!

Diego from Argentina, 8/4/2011

Thank you so much!! We really appreciate your efforts and the fact that you make them so readily accessible.

Gann, 8/1/2011

I've made a donation as well--but I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for letting me save 10 years worth of records. I have used my Palm calendar to record trips, family happenings as well as the usual. An invaluable record of my life which I can now continue and also share!

Nora, 7/29/2011

Saved my life! Thanks.

John from Princeton, NJ, 7/28/2011

Thanks for fixing the untimed event bug for me.

Frank from Tiburon, CA, 7/24/2011

You have saved me a ton of time. Thank you so much for making this tool available!

Blue from Everett, WA, 7/23/2011

After searching for at least an hour I finally found your great tool to import my old Palm data into my iPhone. Worked easier then expected and I just donated.

Jurgs from Kingston, Jamaica, 7/22/2011

Hi Kim, Thanks for your assistance. Excellent conversion. Worked easily and well. Will save me tons of time until I can move away from the Palm platform. Appreciate your efforts and will spread the word.

Mark from New South Wales, Australia, 7/20/2011

Finally found your site after a day spent failing to upload my Palm files to Android. Many thanks.

David from Bangor, United Kingdom, 7/18/2011

Thanks Kim, your tool saved me some time today.

Boris from Glen Ridge, NJ, 7/16/2011

Thanks for offering something that both Palm and Verizon should offer, but don't!

Anne from Pittsgrove, NJ, 7/10/2011

I have spent hours trying to get a customer's ancient Palm data into Outlook 2007. Your program worked like a charm!

Karen from Rochester, NY, 7/9/2011

My boss, is ask me to migration his palm to iPhone. Thanks, it is very useful. I find this web using while I found that Yahoo is no longer have import function.

Johnson, 7/4/2011

Thank you very much, very useful, have just sent you a donation. FYI I was using a Zire 71 with Palm Destop 6.2.2 and then imported into Exchange, using your recommended settings, and just changing the time. All seems to have imported fine. Thanks again.

Chris, 7/3/2011

Palm2CSV worked perfectly for me! I have been trying for a long time to move from my Palm to another option. When my daughter found your program (after a Google search) we knew it was exactly what I was looking for. She tried the conversion last month, but something didn't work, but today, the file was flawlessly converted and imported. Thanks again for your time and efforts and for sharing your work!

Pat, 7/1/2011

I just tried it. It worked perfectly! Thanks so much.

Joseph, 6/29/2011

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for a program that I have been looking for for ages. Trying to get all of the precious information of my antiquated Tungsten E2 Palm, into any other format was a nightmare. I have recently updated to an iphone, and now with my calender information converted to gmail I have a new better system that I have been wanting for over a year. Thanks again, I truly appreciate it!

Thomas, 6/26/2011

Great service. Thanks so much!

Keith from Springfield, IL, 6/26/2011

Appreciate the program. It took a lot of searching because the only other program I found was $50... Was shocked there's not a lot of shareware for this like there seems to be for everything else. I have been using a Palm since 2001 and those idiots wrote software that, when you add too many records, just delete everything. They seemed to imply that Palm 6.2.2 didn't have that limitation (using only the computer, stopped using the handheld years ago) but it happened again, so I've switched to an online calendar.

Shaun, 6/24/2011

Thanks. Worked well.

Everett from Ridgewood, NJ, 6/22/2011

I just donated $20 to you for the excellent Palm Calendar import service your site provides. Such a simple and clean solution. Thank you!

Denise, 6/21/2011

The program was very useful to covert my Palm calendar to Google calendar. Much thanks.

Harish, 6/14/2011

I finally upgraded from a Palm V to an Android phone, and your tool let me import my calendar to Google. Definitely worth it. Good luck, and God bless!

Robert from Dallas, TX, 6/10/2011

You rock! What a great tool. I'm really impressed.

Joseph, 6/9/2011

Great job on Palm2CSV! Thanks for making it freely available. My wife has used a Palm device for 10 years now and is moving on to Android, but she had 10 years worth of calendar data that she did not want to lose. Using Palm2CSV I was able to easily convert the data, clean up unwanted historical events in Excel and import to Google calendar. It took a bit to see how your output looked and how to best tackle the editing but Palm2CSV was flawless and Google Calendar had no trouble importing except for what you warned about the file size being too large.

Jim from Clovis, CA, 6/3/2011

Thanks first for your Palm2CVS program. You are just fabulous for developing this.

Tamara, 5/29/2011

Just wanted to say thanks for the painless ability to export my Palm calendar to Google. Worked like a champ with 6.2.2.

Ed, 5/29/2011

Thanks for the app, worked perfectly for my calendar data in Palm Desktop v6.

David from Carrboro, NC, 5/28/2011

Brilliant product. - thanks. Saved me a couple of hours writing code (and a couple of hours debugging).

Tony, 5/22/2011

This was a godsend. Thanks so much for playing around with it and making it happen, since the alternatives were slim.

Richard from Boston, MA, 5/21/2011

What a terrific tool to get my Palm data to Google Calendar. Thanks very much & best of luck with future developments.

Stephen from Halifax, Nova Scotia, 5/1/2011

Many thanks for your help!!! After some playing around with the csv file, it worked great. I read it into Outlook and transferred to the iPhone easily. Thanks again for your help.

Warrren from Abington, PA, 4/23/2011

Very useful. I'll be sure to spread the word of your good work!

Joshua from New York, NY, 4/15/2011

Hello - thanks for the conversion software. Finally able to recycle the old computer.

Bob from Martinsville, IN, 3/8/2011

Much appreciated.

Terrence from Chilliwack, BC, 2/9/2011

Thanks a ton! It doesn't work perfectly (recurring events get messed up) but still hugely helpful. Thanks for your work!

Lisa from Brookfield, WI, 2/22/2011

Thank you so much for the help. Your program saved me hours of work.

Mike from Cranston, RI, 1/18/2011

Thanks for the useful utility! It allowed me to offload my calendar from my Palm m515, into Google Calendar and from there to my new Evo! Don't know if I could have done it any other way so quickly. Thanks again!

Zig from Paoli, PA, 1/12/2011


Jeremy from Santa Rosa, CA, 1/10/2011

Thanks again very much for your help. A token of appreciation has been donated. Happy Holidays!

Paul from Shelton, CT, 12/20/2010

Thanks, Kim. I am so impressed with how well your conversion worked on my husband's data. He was still using a Palm Z22 and it was failing and I was able to move all his data to Google so smoothly.

Rachel, 12/12/2011

Just had to write and say thank you so much for the Palm2CSV utility. I used a Palm for years and when it recently broke I went to an iPod touch for calendar and contacts. I miss my Palm Pilot, but your utility saved the day. Thank you for making this available for public use. Sorry I can not make a contribution at this time, but I want you to know I appreciate your good work. Thanks again!

Mark from Cincinnati, OH, 12/1/2010

My wife's Palm died after 11 years. I had the impression you could transfer calendar info to a Droid, so I bought her one. After a lot of Google searches, several failed attempts and a lot of frustration I came across your site. The information there was exactly what I needed and the information transfer was flawless. Can't thank you enough for your efforts.

Chuck, 11/1/2010

Great! Dead-easy to use, straight-forward. Thank you.

Keith from Lancaster, PA, 12/25/2010

Thank you very much for the website that converted my dba file to a csv! You saved me a great deal of frustration. I just wish I found your site even sooner! I do appreciate it.

Jim from Bloomington, IL, 9/16/2010

After trying several other options wich all failed, your webpage did the job perfectly the first time, well worth the donation. Thanks.

Juan from Doral, FL, 8/14/2010

Thanks so much! Went from old Palm to Google to Droid phone! Excellent app and troubleshooting info.

Harriet from Oregon, WI, 8/14/2010

Thanks again!

Brad from Fort Washington, PA, 7/22/2010

You're a genius!

Shahar from Jerusalem, Israel, 7/17/2010

You are absolutely awesome. This worked better then anything and was ridiculously simple. It also didn't mess up any of the repeating events and gathered all the notes for 10 years of Palm data. You are my hero.

Jennifer from Parlin, NJ, 6/28/2010

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