Step 1 Start Here!

Launch your Palm Desktop software and follow along with these directions!

Note: Don't click the images below--they are just screen captures of what your Palm Desktop software should look like. This example shows the Windows version. Mac users: your Palm Desktop software will look different!

From the Palm Desktop, select either Calendar or Tasks:

Step 1

Step 2: Select File -> Export...

From the File menu, select Export...

Step 2

Step 3: Export Your File

From the Export As... dialog box, enter a filename.

If You Are Exporting a Calendar (Datebook):

From the Export type dropdown, select the Date Book Archive (*.dba) option (do NOT select Calendar Archive!):

Step 3

If You Are Exporting Tasks (To Do):

From the Export type dropdown, select the To Do Archive (*.tda) option (do NOT select Tasks Archive!):

Step 3: To Do

To export ALL records, ensure the Range option All is selected.

Whether you are exporting a Calendar or Tasks, when you are finished specifying your output filename, click the Export button to save the file to your computer, then continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Upload Your File

Click the "Browse" button below to select your exported Palm DBA/TDA file from your computer:


Note: Must be a Datebook Archive File (.dba extension) or To Do Archive File (.tda extension), NOT Calendar Archive! (Max file size 244MB.)

Step 5: Settings (Optional)

In most cases you won't have to change these settings but if you need to you can use these options to fine-tune the output.

If you will be importing your CSV or iCal/ICS file into Google Calendar or Outlook, please take note of the instructions below and read the Google FAQ or Outlook FAQ which address potential problems you may have with importing files into those apps and how you can get around those restrictions.

Default Settings
I will be importing my CSV or iCal/ICS file(s) into:
When you choose one of these settings it will automatically update the options below to correspond to the setting you choose:

Output Options
Output Format Not sure? Use iCal/ICS!
Max Output File Size KB
Maximum size of each output file, in kilobytes.
0 = no limit, and will produce a single large file.
Max Output File Lines
Maximum number of lines in each output file.
0 = no limit, and will produce a single large file.
Terminate Lines With
Internal Newlines As
Output File Extension

CSV Options
Boolean Format
Column Separator
Enclose Fields With

iCal/ICS Options
What should appear in the "ORGANIZER" field (leave blank to omit this field from the output file)
Make untimed events
Select "Yes" if you want Palm2CSV to output "TRANSP=TRANSPARENT" for all-day (i.e. untimed) events, which will make them invisible to free-busy time searches

Date/Time Adjustment
I am assuming your Palm DBA/TDA file is from the America/New York (US Eastern Time / GMT/UTC-5) time zone. If your Palm file is from a different time zone, you should change the Time Zone setting below. For more info on these settings see the FAQ.
Time Zone
Adjust Times By hours to account for timezone differences (affects TIMED events only!)
Adjust DST Prior to 2007 Select "Yes" if you want Palm2CSV to properly adjust DST prior to 2007.
Repeating events end
a day later
Select "Yes" if you want Palm2CSV to output ";UNTIL=" as the date after the last day
Date Format Applies only to CSV, not iCal/ICS
Date Separator between month, day and year (applies only to CSV, not iCal/ICS)
Time Format
Select "12:00:00 PM (12 hr with am/pm)" if you will be importing into Google Calendar. (Applies only to CSV, not iCal/ICS.) For more info see this page.

Date Range
Use this to limit which events get converted. Note that year must have 4 digits, e.g. 1998, not 98! If you want to convert all events, leave this section blank.
Start Date (MM/DD/YYYY format)
Don't show events before this date. (Blank = no limit.)
End Date (MM/DD/YYYY format)
Don't show events past this date.

Repeating Events (applies only to CSV, not iCal/ICS)
Repeat Maximum Limit repeating events to this number of occurrences (0 = no limit)
End Date Display
Select "Display Start Date" if you will be importing into Google Calendar or Outlook. This will cause Google Calendar or Outlook to properly preserve event start and end times.
Check this box if you want the "Comments" field in the output to include a list of all the exceptions to repeated events. This is mainly useful for debugging. (To reduce the size of your output file, don't check this box.) Applies only to CSV, not iCal/ICS.

Limit to Category Which category to output, e.g. Business, Personal or Unfiled (blank=all). Case-insensitive, but spelling counts!
Add category
to description?

Select "Yes" if you want to put the category at the end of each event description. This will prevent you from losing categories when importing into applications such as Google Calendar and iCalendar that don't recognize the iCal/ICS "CATEGORIES:" field

Advanced Options
Encode in UTF-8

If your Palm file contains foreign/accented characters (i.e. high/extended ASCII), selecting "Yes" will convert those characters to UTF-8.
Add UTF-8 BOM? Select "Yes" if you want to start each output file with a UTF-8 BOM (\xEF\xBB\xBF).
MDB Tools Version Which version of the MDB Tools library to use (only applies when converting from Palm Desktop 6.x for Windows). Note that currently only 0.7rc1 (the latest version) is available.

Step 6: Convert!

Ready? Click the button below to begin conversion:

Please be patient; it may take a minute or two for your file to upload and convert, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.