Palm2CSV / Palm2iCal

What is Palm2CSV? If you're looking to convert your Palm Desktop Calendar/Datebook or To Do (Tasks) to CSV (comma separated value) or iCal/ICS format, you can do it automatically yourself, right here on this website. There is no software to purchase, no plug-ins to download or install, and best of all it's completely free!

How Does It Work? Just click the Convert Now! link and follow the steps on the next page. You'll immediately get back a file in CSV or iCal/ICS format (your choice) suitable for importing into a variety of apps and platforms, including Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook, Excel, and anything else that can read CSV or iCal/ICS files.

Which platforms Does Palm2CSV Support? Palm2CSV works with files saved from the Palm Desktop software (both Windows and Mac versions). These include the original Palm Pilot, i-series, v-series, III-series, Tungsten, LifeDrive, m-series, Zire, Handspring Visor, Treo, and more.

Questions? Problems? Read the Help page for tips on how to use Palm2CSV.

Video Tutorial Try our video tutorial below, which shows you how to use Palm2CSV. (Note that this video is fairly old and doesn't include information about Palm2CSV's ability to export to iCal/ICS format. However, it does give you a good over view of how to use Palm2CSV.)

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